lisa heissenberg

current & upcoming


During September, I will be in Bangalore, India, for the bangaloREsidency 2017. I probably can answer your inquiries, but it might take me some time.

23rd-24th of September: oo-nye-doo? screens at 1st Great Message International Film Festival.

18th-24th of September: oo-nye-doo? screens at 10th The Columbia Gorge Int'l Film Festival.

The #WalkAlone maps have been relocated to their own site. Follow this link.

2016-2017: Remote bangaloREsident@Blank Noise, followed by regular bangaloREsidency@Blank Noise in September 2017.
Working together with community/public art project Blank Noise in Bangalore, India.
Enabled & supported by the Goethe Institute.