- My neighbour, who is also my worst customer because she keeps assuming that us being neighbours somehow sets her apart from all the other people reading books and expects me to act especially neighbourly in business affairs, this neighbour will knock at my door – knock, because she hates doorbells – in,
Paper Woman takes a look at the clock hanging above her fridge and waits a few seconds,
- twenty-two minutes exactly, to return a book, even though it will be past ten o’clock by then, because a page has been ripped out. She ripped it out herself and used it to take notes when calling her aunt last week, but then decided that her distraction, which led to this blatant disrespect towards a book which she, and this is not my opinion, but a fact, she hadn’t understood anyway, was a mistake she wouldn’t have made if the book had been a different, presumably a better one, and therefore will tell me that she just read up to this chapter where a page was missing.