Art Bullshit Bingo

HTML project & 25+ phrases entered into

A freely remixable bullshit bingo that might be changed and added to as the years go by. As of 2023, I frequently update it whenever I run into new art bullshit.

Go here for the most up-to-date version.

The version of the bingo card is not complete because of how BWG handles input, but here it is anyway, since it has some perks (like the ease of creating printable sheets) my HTML version does not provide:

Full Link

I also share all points ever made, including those exceeding the character limit on BWG, in this .txt file for anyone to pick and choose their own favourites for any occasion (a fair? a vernissage? a bad-faith podium discussion?) and paste them back into their own customized Buzzword Bingo.

Here's also the embedded version in its last executable state (depending on the randomly chosen phrases, you might have to scroll:

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