Art Bullshit Bingo

25+ phrases entered into

A freely remixable bullshit bingo that might be changed and added to as the years go by. As of 2021, I frequently update it whenever I run into new art bullshit.

Update, 4 March 2021: The bullshit bingo has finally become too long to be handled by the servers over at Buzzword Bingo, so this is the last version I can present you with:

Full Link

I will, however, share all points ever made, including those exceeding the character limit, in this .txt file for anyone to pick and choose their own favourites for any occasion (a fair? a vernissage? a bad-faith podium discussion?) and paste them back into Buzzword Bingo.

Here's also the embedded version in its last executable state (depending on the randomly chosen phrases, you might have to scroll - also, expect long loading times, especially if you have a script blocker installed):