Dokumentation der Studienergebnisse

transl. 'documentation of studies' / comic book / din a 5 / 41 pages / language: german

There had to be other ways to make a documentation of studies that didn't include producing a catalogue that aims to look like it's not self-made. This one's my attempt.

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"So, this is art school." - "Wow." - "They really make an effort to not look like Braunschweig."
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"As a result of empirical studies relying on Deleuze regarding the observation of metaphysical-arbitrary sign chains, naturally only with consideration of Lévi-Strauss' marker-critique, we can deduce how conventionally-complex the pre-poststructuralism in its differenciated articulation pertinence-constituvely affected the semi-visual art of north east Siberia in the late seventies. But that, all in all, is so simple that we can skip that chapter; by now you already should know about it." - "And what were you thinking when you created this work?" - "Oh, nothing really." - "My goodness! This line! How it - how it IS."
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"I want my students to be able to take their own works seriously without seeing everything in such a serious manner." - "I want them to feel joy instead of pressure during my classes." - "I want to show them all the ways in which creativity and aesthetics influence our lives." - "I don't want to teach them lowliness, but playful respect for art." - "I want you to stop hitting Jonas with that book."
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